American musician Ray Lugo is well-known to groove connoisseurs around the globe, having released critically acclaimed music both as a solo artist, as well as with his long standing groups: Kokolo, Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers and Terrificos.


His volume of work contains 17 albums, and he has collaborated and performed with artists such as Manu DiBango, Joe Bataan, Charlie Hunter, Seun Kuti, Chic, Pete Rodriguez, Richie Ray, Kutiman, Sofrito, Gilles Peterson, BeatFanatic, Faze Action, Roy Davis Jr., Diesler, Lack of Afro, Shuya Okino, Souljazz Orchestra and with members of groups such as Peter Gabriel, Lauryn Hill, Matisyahu, Esperanza Spalding, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, King Sunny Ade, Burning Spear, Egypt 80, Grupo Fantasma, Antibalas and many others.


Lugo grew up in New York City, immersed in the vibrant and diverse downtown art and music scenes that inspire much of his work and shaped the strong DIY ethic he is known for. He has performed live in 35 countries on many legendary stages, from CBGB’s, Glastonbury, and Bonaroo to London’s Forum, The Montreal Jazz Festival and New York’s Lincoln Center.


In 2001, he formed Kokolo, after becoming intrigued by West African Funk and the the music of Fela Kuti. Kokolo would go on to become a spearhead of the Nu-Afrobeat move-ment. Kokolo recently celebrated their 17th year anniversary and still perform live all over the world.


Ray’s long-held interest in the classic “Boogaloo” sound of 1960’s New York led him to form Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers in 2011, culminating with the group’s critically-acclaimed debut album, “Mi Watusi”. Their follow-up album, “Que Chevere!”, broadened the band’s international appeal and saw them embraced by connoisseurs, fans and DJ’s alike in a range of new countries.


Lugo’s debut solo album, released in 2012, mixed the sounds of Bahia, Lagos, Kingston, San Juan, and Harlem all under one umbrella and further echoing Lugo’s eclectic tastes.


In 2015, Lugo formed “Terrificos”, a collaboration with Cleveland film composer Jake Fader, blending Psyche-delic Chicha and Cumbia with Spaghetti-Western cinematic sounds. Their debut   album, “Go South” was well received by critics.


2017 saw the release of Lugo’s second solo album, “Now”, as well as Kokolo’s fifth studio Album “100 Fevers”.  Lugo is scheduled to release Terrifico’s second album in 2018, as well as his third studio album with the Boogaloo Destroyers.




Ray Lugo: Waiting Alone (Little Boat – 2019)
Terrificos: TBD (Little Boat – 2018)
Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers: TBD (Little Boat – 2018)
Ray Lugo: Family Remixes (Little Boat- 2018)
Kokolo: Basement Demos (Little Boat – 2017)
Kokolo: The Best Of (Little Boat – 2017)
Ray Lugo: Now (Little Boat – 2017)
Kokolo: 100 Fevers (Little Boat – 2016)
Kokolo: Remixed Worldwide (Little Boat – 2016)
Terrificos: Go South (Peace & Rhythm- 2016)
Kokolo: En Español (Little Boat – 2015)
Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers: ¡Que Chevere! (Freestyle – 2014)
Kokolo: The Instrumentals Vol. 1  (Freestyle – 2013)
Kokolo: The Instrumentals Vol. 2  (Freestyle – 2013)
Ray Lugo: We Walk Around Like This (Jazz & Milk – 2012)
Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers: Mi Watusi (Freestyle – 2011)
Kokolo: Heavy Hustling (Record Kicks – 2009)
Kokolo: Love International (Freestyle – 2007)
Kokolo: More Consideration (Freestyle – 2004)
Kokolo: Fuss And Fight (Afrokings – 2002)


12″ Singles | E.P.’s:

Ray Lugo: Bahia Love EP (Jazz & Milk – 2012)
Kokolo: The Magnificent Seven/Uptown Felaz EP (Shiftin Gears – 2009)
Kokolo: Nueva York (Malena’s Nuyorican Mix) (Freestyle – 2008)
Kokolo: Balkan Beat Box Split EP (Sol Selectas – 2008)
Kokolo: Sabroso (Freestyle – 2005)
Kokolo: Roy Davis Jr. Split EP (Jamayka – 2005)
Kokolo: More Consideration EP (Freestyle – 2005)
Kokolo: Mister Sinister (Jamayka – 2004)
Kokolo: Root To The Fruit (Freestyle – 2004)


7″ Singles:

Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers: ¡Que Chevere! (My Baby’s Got Latin Soul) (Freestyle – 2014)
Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers: El Ritmo De Nueva York (Freestyle – 2014)
Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers: Swingy Boogaloo (Freestyle – 2011)
Ray Lugo’s L.E.S. Express: Love Me Good (Record Kicks 2010)
Ray Lugo’s L.E.S. Express: I Dream Of Bahia (Record Kicks 2009)
Kokolo: Afrika Man (Record Kicks – 2009)
Kokolo: Soul Power (Record Kicks – 2008)
Kokolo: Girls On Film (Record Kicks – 2008)
Kokolo: The Magnificent Seven (VampiSoul – 2008)
Kokolo: The Way Up (Tramp – 2007)
Kokolo: Our Own Thing (Freestyle – 2007)
Kokolo: Heaven (AfroKats – 2007)
Kokolo: Each One Teach One (AfroKats – 2006)
Kokolo: Donkey (Afrokings – 2002)



Pacifika – Yo Te Amo (Ray Lugo Remix) (Six Degrees – 2015)
Ray Lugo &The Boogaloo Destroyers – La Tumba De Fu Manchu (Mr. Battery Remix) (Freestyle 2014)
AuditorsDOmination -Viejos Amigos (Ray Lugo Remix) (Timewarp 2012)
I Dream Of Bahia (Dusty & Bartellow Remix) (Jazz & Milk 2012)
Love Me Good (Simbad Remix) (Jazz & Milk 2012)
Ray Lugo &The Boogaloo Destroyers: Swingy Boogaloo (Ian Toole Tropical Edit) (Freestyle 2011)
The Liberators: “Rags To Riches Ft. Jojo Kuo” (Ray Lugo Remix) – (Record Kicks -2011)
Brownout: “Ayer y Hoy” (Ray Lugo Remix) – (Six Degrees -2010)
Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience: “Scaramunga” (Ray Lugo Remix) – (Record Kicks -2010)
Afrika Man (Diesler Remix) (Record Kicks – 2009)
Soul Power (Lack Of Afro Remix) (Record Kicks – 2008)
Our Own Thing (Diesler Remix) (Freestyle – 2008)
Sabroso (Sabo Remix) (Sol Selectas – 2007)
Heaven (Ando Kal Remix) (AfroKats – 2007)
Each One Teach One (White Mike Remix) (AfroKats – 2006)
Mister Sinister (Word Of Mouth Remix) (Jamayka – 2005)
Mama Don’t Want No Gun (BeatFanatic Remix) (Freestyle – 2005)
Late Night Closed Eyes (White Mike Remix) (Freestyle – 2004)
Candela (Ritchie Pitch Remix) (Freestyle – 2004)
Mister Sinister (Faze Action Remix) (Jamayka – 2004)



V.A. The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, Vol. 3 (Freestyle – 2014)
V.A. Footprints (Jazz & Milk – 2014)
V.A. The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove (WMN -2014)
V.A. Lounge Anthology (Wagram – 2013)
V.A. The Greatest Latin Party (X5-2013)
V.A. Fiesta Latina (X5-2013)
V.A. Top Latin Remix (Six Degrees -2013)
V.A. 10th Anniversary (Record Kicks -2013)
V.A. Fiesta Latina (X5-2013)
V.A. I Love Lounge (Wagram -2012)
V.A. Globaltronica (X5-2012)
V.A. Club Anthems (Vanilla-2012)
V.A. Jazzy Lounge (Wagram-2012)
V.A. Afro Club Night 2 (Lola’s World-2012)
V.A. Lounge Anthology (Wagram-2012)
V.A. City Lounge 9 (Wagram – 2012)
V.A. Sounds From The Soul Underground (Freestyle – 2012)
V.A. Plaintaste Of Funk (Piola Libri – 2011)
V.A. Mo’ Record Kicks Vol. 2 (Record Kicks – 2011)
V.A. Contemporary Afrobeat (Tramp – 2011)
V.A. Soul Shaker Vol. 7 (Record Kicks – 2010)
V.A. Dancers Masterpiece (P-Vine – 2010
V.A. City Lounge 7 (Wagram – 2010)
V.A. Deep Funk Theory Vol. 3 (La Suite – 2010)
V.A. Mo’ Record Kicks (Record Kicks – 2010)
V.A. Soul Shaker Vol. 6 (Record Kicks – 2009)
V.A. H2G Japan 6 (H2G – 2009)
V.A. Power Up The Planet (Planetwize – 2009)
V.A. Funk Aid For Africa (Dubspot – 2009)
V.A. Republica Afrobeat 3 (Love Monk – 2009)
V.A. Balearic Beach Sessions (Cool Pool – 2009)
V.A. Afrobeat Club (Union Square – 2009)
V.A. Rough Guide To Afrobeat Revival (WMN – 2009)
V.A. Soul Shaker Vol. 5 (Record Kicks – 2008)
V.A. Funkanova (Prominence – 2008)
V.A. Collected Singles Vol. 5 (Freestyle – 2008)
V.A. Collected Singles Vol. 2 (Freestyle – 2008)
V.A. Collected Singles Vol. 1 (Freestyle – 2008)
V.A. Nu Afro (Wagram – 2007)
V.A. Soul Shaker Vol. 4 (Record Kicks – 2007)
V.A. The Afro Sound Of House (Traxsource – 2007)
V.A. Timeless Anthems (Jetstar – 2006)
V.A. Feel The Beat: Afrofunk (Big Sur – 2006)
V.A. Freestyle Remixed (Freestyle – 2006)
V.A. Loft Party (Kinky Sweet – 2006)
V.A. Beginners Guide To Afro Lounge (Nascente – 2006)
V.A. Afrique C’est Chic Box Set (Kinky Sweet – 2005)
V.A. Even Nice Girls (Public Release – 2005)
V.A. Frequent Flyer Mile High (Kinky Sweet – 2005)
V.A. Afrique C’est Chic 3 (Slip ‘N Slide – 2005)
V.A. Future World Funk…On The Run (Ether – 2005)
V.A. House Afrika (House Afrika – 2004)
V.A. Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project (Modiba – 2004)
V.A. One Love Vol. 1 (Pure Hemp – 2004)
V.A. African Xpress (Shakti/Virgin – 2003)
V.A. Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showstopper (Big Daddy – 2002)
V.A. Live From WFMU (WFMU – 2002)